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Why You Should Attend Our Section 3 Events?

Section 3 is a means by which HUD fosters local economic development, neighborhood economic improvement, and individual self-sufficiency.

Section 3 is the legal basis for providing jobs for residents and awarding contracts to businesses in areas receiving certain types of HUD financial assistance.

The ROBI Connect Virtual Platform easily connects Section 3 businesses to HUD financially assisted entities that are required to meet the Section 3 federal statute. It is designed to bring to life the HUD Section 3 registry with the goal to increase contracting and economic opportunities for low-income communities.

What Can I Expect at the Section 3 Business & Contractors Fair?

View and apply for current projects in your region.

Interact with HUD Financially assisted companies, learn their culture, and what it takes to work with them.

Chat Live with Companies/Entities and conduct preliminary interviews through chat and audio conference.

Connect Your Contracts to Qualified Section 3 Resident Owned Businesses

There are thousands of talented and motivated resident owned / section 3 businesses from around the United States that will be using this platform as the premier place to find and connect with Section 3 opportunities.

If you receive HUD financial assistance and are required to train, employ and contract with section 3 businesses and really are looking to comply with the federal statue, then the ROBICONNECT platform is the place where you will find qualified business ready to perform on your upcoming contract.

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HUD Recipients: How It Works

  • Register – Provide information about your company to Section 3 Businesses
  • Attend – Login and join live events from anywhere
  • Connect – During events to engage directly with Section3 Businesses. Post Contract Bids, Requirements, and Expectations all in one place. Host Meet & Greets / Interviews at your Booth.
  • Follow-Up – Use the follow up tools to directly reach out to top qualified candidates/businesses

Benefits for HUD Recipients

  • Promote your company’s Contract / Employment and Training Opportunities…
  • Fill Section 3 Gaps
  • Increase Compliance and Social Responsibility Scorecards
  • Increase “Greatest Extent Feasible” Options

Section 3 Business: How it Works

  • Register – Provide information about yourself / section 3 business
  • Attend – Login and join live events from anywhere
  • Connect – During events to engage directly with contractors and view their Contract Bids, doing business requirements. Be ready to engage directly via Meet & Greets / Interviews at contractors Booths.
  • Follow-Up – Use the follow up tools to directly reach out to contractors

Benefits for Section 3 Businesses

  • Increase visibility and awareness for your small business
  • Increase bid and contract submissions and awards
  • Grow your small businesses


(Interactive Footprint$ Coming 2022)

Approximately 40 percent of HUD’s current overall budget or the $18.9 billion that is covered by Section 3 is estimated to bring more than $16 million dollars in weekly wages for Section 3 (low-income) residents (According to the proposed rule Regulatory Impact Analysis-Docket No. FR-4893-P-01). Therefore, increased compliance and the greatest extent feasible efforts must be improved.

Our Section 3 interactive footprint will help identify specifically how much funding is triggered by Section 3 and the projects that are required to provide training, employment and contracting opportunities to low-income residents. The purpose of the economic footprint is to bring transparency and accountability to the billions of dollars in Section 3 federally regulated projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 3 is the formal name of the federal legislation titled Economic Opportunities for low income persons (24 CFR-135). The law states to the greatest extent feasible, entities that receive HUD financial assistance shall direct training, employment and contracting opportunities to low-income residents specifically those who receive housing assistance. It’s one of the nations best Kept secret! More about the law can be found here:
After you have registered, on the day of the event, log into the site. Click the Exhibit Hall or Auditorium button to proceed to that area.
Once you register, you will be able to access the full website one hour before the scheduled event.
The booths will be visible for three months following the day of the event.
Please see the exhibitor package on the home page.
Some Exhibiting packages include Exhibit booths. Please see the exhibitor package on the home page.
We are always looking for great content to add to our on-demand training. Please email for more information.
On-Demand Training will be available Spring of 2021. Please check back then.
The pitch portion of the event is a competition in which recent and past graduates of the Resident Owned Business Incubator also known as ROBI have an opportunity to showcase their new section 3 businesses to respective investors and potential customers. Winners will be awarded cash prizes to invest into their businesses.
At the moment, pitches are reserved for current ROBI participants and ROBI program graduates only.