Exhibitor Registration

Partnership Registration Form


Can I Live is doing great things and we look forward to doing great things with you!

Please complete this partnership form, submit your payment method details and a team member will follow up to secure your payment and get your virtual expo booth and documents uploaded.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.  Again, thank you for your continued participation in creating a more socially and economically just society.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Your Partnership includes access to expo events and all activities on the Section 3 platform.  Please communicate with the platform point of contact for specific details and activities for which you are wanting to engage.  Partnership members needing a Purchase Order and or invoice must submit a hard copy paper form and fax to 1.877.810.1347.  Details can be Partnership Brochure.  Your partnership is not active until payment has been received.

Section 3 Platform Point of Contact is Ms. Monette Walker-Brown.  She can be reached at 202.304.6995 or via email at mwbrown@canilive.org.  Please send any specific images, logos, videos that you want to be included in your booth to ROBICONNECT@CANILIVE.ORG 

PAYMENTS AND CANCELLATION POLICY: This document serves as a contract to partner. All partnership pledges are final. Execution of this partnership form signifies the assumption of legal responsibility to pay for all partnership services provided within your partnership level.  Payment must be made in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank and are non-refundable. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible and payable to Can I Live, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with Tax Id# 26-3602227.
EXPO BOOTH SET-UP:  Your partnership includes a virtual exhibit booth on the Section 3 Expo Platform.  A member of our team will work diligently to put together an aesthetically beautiful exhibit booth.  In the event you are unhappy and or would like to modify your booth, you will have all access to modify and make all necessary changes that best reflect your company's brand.  We have the right to remove any offensive and or discriminatory photos, and content from your booth.  We also have the right to remove your booth in its entirety in the event, the uploads, videos, and or photos do not reflect the purpose for which the platform was created. 
You agree to provide your dedicated team member with photos, videos, images, content that you want to be included in your expo exhibit booth.  You agree to submit content that you have the legal right and authority to post.